Ninja Lone Worker Platform

Ninja Lone Worker Platform

  • £499.00


Rapidly erect or fold for storage in less than 1 minute. Only 3 pieces – the platform + 2 guardrails (a tool rack is an optional extra)

Can pass easily through doorways and along corridors (folded or assembled). Compact folded dimensions of 102x69x26cm facilitate transport in a small car or van. Effortlessly manoeuvre the Ninja to and from the working position (pulling one-handed). 2 large 125mm diameter wheels ensure ease of movement. 

Height adjustment
7 working heights with easy adjustment. Maximum working height 2.9m and maximum platform height 0.9m. Height can be adjusted by one person with the platform upright or on its side. Erect level with one end on a stair tread by asymmetric leg adjustment. 

Security and stability
Guardrails on all 4 sides to ensure safety for lone worker. 10cm high toe guards on 3 sides for security and dropped hand tool containment. Steel grating steps 40x13x2.5cm for secure access.
4 fixed foot stabilisers for improved stability and safety (no folding out required). 9mm thick slip-resistant plywood platform. Captive mechanical pins both lock the legs and guardrails in place.

Working platform size 93x40cm. Safe load capacity 150kgs. Total weight 29.5kgs. Folded dimensions of 102x69x26cm.

Quality and testing
5-year manufacturing guarantee. Fabricated in France to ISO 9001:2015. Safety approval to NF P93 353 and tested by Socotec (for low level working platforms).